Tools and libraries I used
  • Gimp The Open Source Image Manipulation Program
  • OpenGL The multi Platform 3D graphics Interface
  • libpng Portable network graphics. A Image format with lossless compression
  • libxml2 An Open Source XML Parser
  • SDL An Open Source multi platform MultiMedia library
  • SDL_mixer An Open Source multi platform Audio Mixer library for sound and music
  • Ogg Vorbis A completely free, open and unpatented audio compression format. Good alternative to MP3, VQF, AAC
  • Vim The command line editor available on every -ix platform
  • Audacity Free multi platform open source audio editor
Some links for inspiration
  • BillardGL An excellent 3D Billard Game with extraordinary physics and creative user interface from which I took some source code. Thanks to Tobias Nopper, Stefan Disch and Martina Welte
  • Nifflas A great music composer and magic game creator. Thanks to Nicklas Nygren for giving me the right to ship it's songs with KhunPhan
  • Absolute Background textures Archive Great collection of tile textures to download for free
  • NOCTUA GRAPHICS Lot's of high quality textures to download for free

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